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Don't get fooled by his asian appearance, he is 100% mexican. He was born in Mexico City and grew up in a border town at the north of Mexico. Merak is now living between Cancun and Spain also he is in charge of giving you a warm customer attention for you to have the best taco experience during your visit in Cancun. Merak, was the first and only guide of TacoTour for over 2 years, giving to all taco lovers a sight of this beautiful country and the it amazing cuisine which is consider an Intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO

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This taco-expert mexican lady used to be part of taco-guides crew but now is behind our Facebook page and whatsapp messages to assist you in case you need something during your experiencie with TacoTour. Feel free to contact her in case you have any questions or comments about this tour.  

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This fella has got a PhD in taco related stuff. Born and raised in Cancun, he knows his way around sin city. His antics will make you feel the 3 hour tour fly by in just minutes. Any question about Mexico? He'll SURELY be able to answer

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