How do I pay for my tour?

Payment has to be in cash (pesos or dollars) right after the tour with your Taco Guide. We do not take credit or debit cards. 

Are there more options to get to Meeting Point instead taking the bus?

Yes. If you prefer you can take a taxi or ask to your hotel staff for directions and get there by yourself driving or with your favourite transportation service.   

Can I get sick from eating mexican food?

People who not usually eat mexican food might have some mild discomfort due the condiments. However, all the food stops on our tour have been personally tested many times, none of us has ever gotten sick. Our stops are known by the locals for their quality and cleanliness. 

TacoTour Participants are responsible for all the food they consume. If you have any allergies or concerns about ingredients please ask your guide before consuming anything.


Are tours offered in English?

Yes, our tours are offered in English. Our Guides are mexicans who speak fluent english.


What kind of places will we go in the tour?

Family restaurants and food carts, please see the tour descriptions for more details


How many people can go in a group?

We like to give personal treatment , so that's why we only take 8-10 people per tour.


What if I have a group larger than 8?

We can accommodate larger groups with advance notice


I'm vegetarian, will there be food for me to eat?

For the moment, there is only one stop with vegetarian options


Does the tour guide accept tips?

Gratuities are greatly appreciated, although not mandatory.



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